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Community Benefit Fund

Lintel Trust was appointed to manage, distribute and report on a Community Benefit Fund of up to £150,000 per year on behalf of Scottish Procurement Alliance. The fund was available from April 2017 and is now in it's fifth year of delivery.

To date, we have distributed £625,000 to some fantastic projects making big differences to their communities. We have also acheived £395,392 in match funding for these projects.

We carried out social impact reporting on some sample projects in the first three years of delivery using the HACT Social Value Calculator.

social value total 2021

The projects we studied acheived an incredible £3,685,271 in social value.

The SPA Community Benefit Fund is accumulated from procurement efficiencies generated by SPA partners from the collaborative procurement of construction and refurbishment works to social housing stock. SPA invests profits into the Community Benefit Fund which is distributed across Scotland.

Who Can Apply?

We work with each individual SPA Executive Committee Member, including Scottish Housing Associations and Local Authorities, to identify and implement projects to improve the wellbeing of social housing residents and the wider community. Projects all meet the Community Benefit areas identified by the Procurement (Scotland) Act 2014:

  • social inclusion
  • financial inclusion
  • digital participation
  • local community projects
  • employability

Projects are referred to Lintel Trust by Executive Committee Member organisations. We are unable to take applications that have not been referred by the SPA Executive Board.