Supporting Scottish Housing Communities!

Who Are Lintel Trust?

We are an unendowed SCIO and have operated in Scotland for over 40 years. Since 1979, we have given out over £2 million in grants to hundreds of housing related projects to help people experiencing disadvantage in social housing.

We are the only charity in Scotland with a focus on the provision of small grants to help social housing and community based projects.

Our Values

We are committed to providing opportunities enabling people to live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Many people in social housing face inequality in many forms. We recognise the role of housing providers in supporting their communities, enabling and empowering them to participate fully in community life. We believe that community projects run by local people have the power to make huge differences to individuals and groups. 

Who Do We Support?

We support social housing organisations and their communities.

We work closely with the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) and their members, as well as non SFHA housing associations and co-operatives to help them achieve good outcomes for their communities. 

Most of the projects we have provided grant funding for are community led, with the housing association providing premises, facilities, support and encouragement.

In addition, in the delivery of the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA's) Community Benefit Fund, we provide grant funding to community projects supported by their Executive Commitee Members, including local authorities, housing associations and co-operatives.

We offer advice to organisations contracted by housing sector organisations and promote effective use of the community benefit clause in the Procurement (Scotland) Act 2014. We encourage the use of community benefits in all contracts providing they are proportionate and provide benefits for both parties. 

What Do We Support?

The projects we support meet the following guidelines, as detailed in our Constitution.

  • Provision of services to older people to enable them to continue living at home
  • Provision of services promoting digital participation and access to online services to digitally excluded individuals and groups
  • Improving opportunities for socially isolated people to participate and receive the support they need to engage fully in community life
  • Improving opportunities for homeless people (with a particularly single person households) to receive the support they need to live independently in a secure home and engage fully in community life
  • Improving opportunities for people with disabilities to participate and receive the support they need to live independently and engage fully in community life.

In addition, we are a housing charity so:

  • The project must relate to providing or supporting independent living in a secure home, or
  • The project must be run by or closely involve a housing association, or
  • The project must aim to improve people’s housing, standard of living or local community.






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