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Why Be A Trustee?

Becoming a Trustee could boost your career

Trustees get to sit at the top table with the most senior decision-makers, and trusteeship is a chance to get involved in every aspect of an organisation. It can be an incredibly effective way to build your skills and your CV. 22% of trustees say that they got a promotion as a direct result of being a trustee. Becoming a trustee will give you leadership experience which will enhance your confidence, mental health and career progression.

Becoming a Trustee could challenge you

96% of trustees report that they learn new skills. Becoming a trustee could be the challenge you're looking for. Try out something totally new, making sure that you’re engaged in something vital and stimulating. Trustees are the decision makers of a charity and their input at strategic level is vital. You may have to really stretch yourself to find solutions to challenges and surprise yourself by finding hidden strengths along the way.

Becoming a Trustee is a way to give back to Scottish communities

As a trustee, you can donate your skills, time and attention to a cause you feel passionate about. Volunteering your skills, ideas and experience for the benefit of others is incredibly satisfying. You will be spending time with other people who also want to have a positive impact and share their skills.

Trusteeship can boost your happiness

85% of those surveyed say being a trustee makes them happier. Becoming a trustee could boost your career, your health and your happiness.

More Information

Please find some details about becoming a Trustee in the documents below:

Trustee Recruitment and Selection

Lintel Trust Board Information Pack

Office Bearer Roles on the Board of Trustees

If you have any questions or would like an informal discussion about joining our Board of Trustees, feel free to contact our Business Manager, Kate Christie at

If you feel ready to make an application, download the application form and equal opportunities declaration and follow the instructions.

Application Form

Equality and Diversity form