Providing grants to small community projects that make a BIG difference!

Our People

We are very fortunate in having a wide network of supportive organisations and people. We work closely with number of housing associations and have a close link with the Scottish Federation of Housing Association (SFHA).

We also have a number of business supporters who we work with to deliver funding to an area of their choice. 

Board of Trustees

Lintel Trust is run by a Board of Trustees with a wide knowledge and experience of the housing sector. Their collective knowledge, experience and connections within the Scottish Housing Sector enable us to target funds at the heart of disadvantaged communities.

Alan West, Consultant 

Board Members
Wendy Farmer, Business Development Manager
Linda Banks, Senior Finance Manager
Kyle Neary, Marketing Director

We are always looking for new Trustees to join our Board. We want to welcome a diverse group of Trustees with different skills to offer so please don't discount yourself! 

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please get in touch.


We currently have two part-time members of staff who are responsible for the day-to-day running of Lintel Trust. They are supported by the Community Investment Team at Link Group.

Kate Christie, Senior Business Development Officer

Sandra Martin, Administrative Assistant.  

Get in touch

You can get in touch with us on 01324 466873 or email