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Community Benefit Fund Project Eligibility Criteria

The Community Benefit Fund has been created to compliment community benefit themes, identified in the Procurement (Scotland) Act 2014. 

  • social inclusion
  • financial inclusion
  • digital participation
  • local community projects
  • employability
  • environmental

For a project to be eligible for a grant from the SPA Community Benefit Fund, the following requirements must be met:

  1. All projects must be referred by an Executive Committee Member (ECM) organisation and must be delivered in Scotland.
  2. If an ECM has chosen to fund a project which they will be managing themselves, this must be made clear from the start and two members of staff identified as key contacts.
  3. The project must relate to the community benefit themes identified by the Procurement (Scotland) Act 2014, as detailed above.
  4. All projects must have an Equal Opportunities Policy, or demonstrate they are in the process of adopting a policy that will be in force by the project start date.
  5. All projects must have a Protecting Vulnerable People Policy where the proposed project beneficiaries are vulnerable adults or children under 18.
  6. The project must be properly planned, with clear aims and targets.
  7. The organisation must be able to manage the funds effectively.
  8. The project must be able to provide monitoring and evaluation information to Lintel Trust. Lintel Trust will provide each project with the relevant baseline questionnaires for the start and end of each project.
  9. Project staff must agree to the provision of an update six months after receiving funding and the completion of an end of year evaluation form.
  10. Project staff must ensure that Lintel Trust is kept informed of any delays/changes/match funding achieved for the funded project.