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Great Big Lintel Jam Night Hits the Right Chord - Raising £2,6k for mental health charities in Glasgow

Last Thursday (16th November 2023), the Lintel Trust Big Band Jam Night was revived for one night only in Glasgow, and it was a resounding success.

GBLJN23 image crowdPreviously these gigs had been hosted at The Renfrew Ferry but increasing costs and then COVID had put a stop to that.

More than 150 people turned up to support performances by four bands, each of which had a connection with a housing association operating in the city. The Kay Family, Aye Candy, The Regenerators, and The Blue Hyenas were spawned by Glenoaks HA, Maryhill HA, Queens Cross HA, and Link HA, respectively.

The bands exceeded all expectations and performed to thunderous applause, bringing life and soul to the whole event.

The event took place at The Record Factory, and because all band members and the venue had offered their services free of charge, all the proceeds from ticket sales and donations (totalling £2639) are ready for distribution to two local charities, Mind the Men and Lifelink.

This was the first such event in five years, and it was professionally filmed and photographed. Lintel Trust will make images and band videos available on social media and other outlets as soon as they have been edited.

Alasdair McKee performingIt is important to note that the Jam Night revival was not only to raise money for the two charities, but to honour the memory of Alasdair McKee. One of life’s ‘good guys’, Alasdair had been a key player in previous events and been bassist in two of the participating bands, the Kay Family and MacBlondie, both of which featured his wife, Diane.

Alasdair was a hugely popular and effective leader, not only of Glenoaks Housing Association but also as a student, social justice activist, vice-chair of Positive Action in Housing, and founder member of the Glasgow Social Enterprise Network. His popularity was evidenced by the attendance of over 500 people at his funeral and he is greatly missed by many.

Overall, this event was a great success and a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those involved. Craig Sanderson, close friend of Alasdair and ex-CEO of Link Group, put in a great deal of time and effort to organise the musical element of the night and deserves an extra special mention.

Special thanks go out to SPA (Scottish Procurement Alliance), who were main sponsors of the event, and to Glenoaks Housing Association and Blairtummock Housing Association for their generous donations. Donations were also received by Kiswebs Web Design, Sidey Solutions and ConsultSandra, as well as several individual donors.

Meanwhile, heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make it such a great success!