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AICO Community Awards Now Open for Nominations!

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Lintel Trust is currently working with Aico to help match staff volunteer days to projects looking for volunteers in Scotland. Aico and Homelink are co-hosting an awards ceremony and are looking for Scottish entries. 


Firstly - it's free! (Winners will be guests at the awards and will also be put up in a hotel the night of the awards).

Secondly - it's a chance to celebrate our incredible sector!

Thirdly - we want Scotland to be represented. Some of the most innovative and inclusive work is done in Scotland and we need to shout about it more!

The Aico/Home Community Awards, an initiative designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding projects and individuals within housing associations and community projects believes in the power of community-driven initiatives and want to showcase the incredible work happening across the nation.

Why Enter the Aico Community Awards?

The Aico Community Awards aim to spotlight the remarkable efforts of housing associations and community projects that are making a positive impact on local communities. Whether it's a groundbreaking project, an innovative solution, or an individual going above and beyond, we want to hear about it!


1. Community Project of the Year:

Recognizing exceptional initiatives that have significantly enhanced the well-being of local communities.

2. Innovative Solutions Award:

Highlighting projects that have introduced creative and effective solutions to community challenges.

3. Individual Community Champion:

Celebrating individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and leadership in community development.

How to Enter:

Entering the Aico Community Awards is simple:

1. Visit our Awards Page:   Navigate to Aico Awards Page 
2. Choose Your Category:  Select the category that best fits your project or individual nomination.
3. Submit Your Entry:       Complete the online nomination form with details about your project or nominee.
4. Share Your Impact:      Tell us how your initiative has made a positive difference in your community.

Benefits of Participation:

1. Recognition and Exposure: Winners will be featured on the AICO website, social media, and press releases, providing valuable exposure for your housing association or community project.

2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations passionate about community development.

3. Showcase Your Success: Demonstrate your commitment to community excellence and inspire others with your success story.

Key Dates:

- Nomination Period Opens: November 2023
- Nomination Deadline: 16th February 2024
- Winners Announcement:  8th March 2024

- Award ceremony date: 18th April 2024


Join us in celebrating the spirit of community excellence! The Aico Community Awards offer a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible work happening within housing associations and community projects. Together, let's celebrate the positive impact these initiatives have on local communities.

Don't miss your chance to be recognized – submit your nominations today and be a part of the Aico Community Awards!