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Day 1 - nghomes knows how to help

2.6 Challenge - 26 Good News stories about our #housingheros

Day One

Today's good news story comes from nghomes. They have a long history of being very involved with their communities and have had a long standing relationship with Lintel Trust, which includes hosting our first ever Lintel Soup crowdfunding event in November 19. They work closely with partners and other organisations within North Glasgow and are generous with their support and facilities.

This story is a wonderful example of how housing associations collaborating with community groups to reach the people most in need of help.

Day1 2.6 challenge Dom and Robbie, nghomesWith the UK under extended lockdown orders and with many people receiving letters instructing them to ‘shield’ themselves for a period of months, ng homes understands the anxiety and negative effect this may have on some people.

Over the past few weeks ng homes’ housing and community regeneration teams have been phoning their most vulnerable tenants, checking in and finding out what help they require.

Hot meals are also being provided to those who are in particular difficulty due to age or underlying health conditions.

ng homes is working in partnership with a number of organisations to support the community with food parcels, shopping, uplifting prescriptions and distributing activity packs to families, including: Possobilities, Possilpoint Community Centre, Brunswick Centre, Springburn Parish Church, Partick Thistle Community Trust and Progrez.

Day1 2.6 challenge foodparcels

ng homes is also working closely with the Baby Food Bank and any tenants who will benefit from their service will have a referral passed on so that they can access the support they need.

Food Parcels

The committed team of staff are working with dedicated volunteers and local organisations, including Fareshare to provide food parcels and other forms of support to members in the community. Hot meals are also being provided to those who are in particular difficulty due to age or underlying health conditions.

Margaret Fraser, head of regeneration at ng homes, added: “ng homes is working in partnership with many local organisations to provide various services, from food parcels being distributed to uplifting prescriptions. The staff and volunteers are working incredibly hard to help the community.

“Food parcels are being distributed to some of our most vulnerable tenants and families who are affected by the restrictions. Staff and volunteers have been able to arrange this service over the phone and digitally to avoid any physical contact. This service may be a lifeline to many people and we are working with our partners to provide a much-needed service.”

Lynne Cooper, director of housing services at ng homes, said:

“Our team have been phoning vulnerable customers to find out what assistance they may need and we have been arranging this for them. We understand that the restrictions in place will have a profound effect on families and vulnerable tenants and we will do everything we can to get them the support they require.”

Well Done nghomes! Your committed staff teams and close relationships with your communities marks you out as #ScottishHousingHeroes and we salute you!

Send us your stories of #ScotttishHousingHeroes so we can celebrate them!

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