Providing grants to small community projects that make a BIG difference!

Our Aims and Values

All of our grant giving and fundraising activities are directly related to our aims and values.

Our values

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities in all activities we undertake.

Our emphasis has been to support projects that help those recognised as being most disadvantaged in social housing today. This can include housing associations and co-operatives, as well as local community projects.

Our aims

Our aims are:

  • To promote equality and diversity through the funding of housing and community projects
  • To support projects improving opportunities for ethnic minority groups, people with disabilities and single homeless people.
  • To support projects which help older people maintain their independence for longer.
  • To support projects promoting social inclusion in communities.
  • To support digital participation projects enabling people to gain basic digital skills.
  • To provide area/issue specific redistribution of charitable funds at the request of donors.